Meet NYCA singer Brianna Louwen (WA)

Tell us about your musical background... My parents are both music teachers, so I grew up in a very musical house with a contemporary focus. I’ve always sung for fun, but my main instrument was the Flute until I finished school. After a year of a degree in Biomedical science, in 2010 I switched to studying voice at the University of Western Australia. Since then I’ve finished my music degree, and for the past five and a half years have been employed in the professional choirs of St George’s Cathedral Perth, as well as choirs like the Giovanni Consort. 

How many NYCA seasons have you participated in?  I’ve done 4 NYCA seasons, and this will be my 5th! The first two were 2012 and 13 in Brisbane, 2014 in Perth and 2015 in Melbourne. I’ve done three seasons under Carl Crossin and one under Noel Ancell.

What makes NYCA different? NYCA is different to anything else because of the bond that is formed between the singers. It’s extraordinary to have made close friends, when I’ve only actually hung out with them for a few weeks in my life! 

What I’m looking forward to most about the 2016 season is… I’m so stoked to be working with David Hill, and singing some stunning music yet again. I’m also looking forward to seeing all my NYCA friends and hearing how much everyone has progressed in the last year!

What’s coming up for you next? In September 2016, I’m moving to York in the United Kingdom to do my Masters in Solo Voice Ensemble Singing at the University of York.

Bri performs with the National Youth Choir of Australia in our 21st Anniversary Season under international director David Hill (UK).

Flagship Concert: July 9, 7.30pm. Deakin Edge, Federation Square with special guests The Australian Boys Choir.