When is the next season?

The 2020 residential week in Melbourne & Regional Victoria will run from 4 - 12 July inclusive. Singers will be required to be in residence the entire season.

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How good do I have to be to sing in NYCA?

The members of NYCA come from a variety of different backgrounds. 

Our singers are aged 18-26 and many of them study music at university, perform with Australia’s amateur chamber choirs, are the better young singers from community choirs or are graduates of selective high school choirs. Some members are professional musicians with extensive vocal training while others have little or no formal training. Competent sight-reading skills are required, as is good pitch and tone control.

Most NYCAns wish they'd auditioned sooner - if in doubt just go for it!

What was the 2019 season like?

Intensive. Fun. Thrilling. Friendly. Rewarding. Exhilarating, Exhausting. An experience not to be missed. Seasons generally last from seven to ten days with a minimum of three performances. As Choir in Residence for RSCM, the 2019 season included a NYCA solo performance at St Andrew’s Cathedral as well as participating in Royal Evensong with Dr Barry Rose OBE, Lessons and Carols with Dr John Rutter CBE, the St Matthew Passion with Dr David Gill MBE and Prom Praise with Dr Noel Tredinnick OBE.

What's in it for me?

Here are a few things that singers have gained from past seasons: 

The opportunity to work with a world-renowned conductor. Improved sight-reading. Stronger ensemble skills. The thrill of presenting a high standard concert after only a few days rehearsal. Interesting and talented friends across Australia.  Experiences of a different city or country.  Improved vocal technique. New warm up and rehearsal techniques for conductors and teachers.

How much does it cost?

Fees for the 2019 Season were $950. All places in the choir are subject to audition, and successful applicants pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 to secure their place. The balance is then paid in full or by payment plan with payment in full by 31 May each year.

All places in NYCA are heavily subsidised and include sheet music you can keep, accommodation and most meals. Flights are not included, which is one reason that NYCA seasons move around the country from year to year.

Be sure to stay tuned for our future plans!

How do I get my music?

Some of the music will be available prior to the season, but the rest will be handed out on the first day. You'll be able to find more information posted on the NYCAns password-protected page once you have been accepted for the season. Our conductors expect that singers will study the music before the season starts, learning both lines if their part is split.

Where will I be staying?

Each season is different, but the 2020 season will be fully residential with first-class food, accommodation and facilities. We hope to be able to announce our venue partner for this season very soon!

What's the audition like?

In your Skype audition, you will be required to do the following:

(A)  Sing a short, lyrical song of your choice. Please choose a song that illustrates:

  1. the quality of your voice

  2. your overall musicianship (phrasing, clarity of diction and other expressive qualities).

  3. your range and voice type

  4. your pitch reliability

The song should be performed unaccompanied irrespective of whether it has a written accompaniment or not.

(B)  Sing a major scale (ascending and descending more than one octave) that clearly demonstrates your effective range.

(C)  Sight Reading. Examples for you to present will be sent to you by email approximately 10 minutes before your audition. This element should be sung unaccompanied.

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